In the space between the real and the imagined, lie the yestersmiles of tomorrow - the realm of makebelieve.
— Zeldz Magnoonis

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naiyo is the umbrella for creative projects and collaborations of Irish born, Australian raised and Shanghai based artist, Nial O'Connor. He turned to art full time after realising he would never fulfil his dream of being a footballer in the seventies (approximately 1980).


Yestersmiles are the smiles from forgotten moments that have not yet come to pass. They are moments from tomorrow dreamed today. The Implausible, impractical and the outrageously improbable, all made possible with a touch of make believe. Through images and words, naiyo projects try to capture little snippets from this realm of playful creation, to remind us that how it is, does not have to be - or at the very least - brighten our day with a quiet smile. 

The world is full of busy business people in the business of being busy - which is fine - as long as we don't forget to tune out to tune in from time to time.


So welcome to enjoy the projects (yestersmiles) on this site - new features and content to be added over the coming months. You can follow naiyo on...


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