Naiyo celebrates the visual culture of football. It highlights the creative and creatives that help embellish 'the beautiful game'. It also documents the creation of 'football tribes', a comic where footballers can be gods because the gods themselves play football.  




Football Tribes (FBT) is a Comic universe being developed by me, Nial Sean O'Connor. The idea for the project came to me in the late 90's, at a time when I had only two ambitions - make comic books and be a football star from the 70's. 

There was an arboretum next to my clubs home ground, and during summer months, the best of friends would kick a ball amongst its trees. Cut off from the world, we were like ancient football tribes, lost deep in the heart of a forgotten forest. This was the starting point for FBT.

My first attempt to bring the story to life was a comic zeen 'Pepe's Quest', created with the abundant time available to university students. Despite grandiose plans, life happened, and there always seemed something more pressing to be done. Some ideas just won't go away though, and 20 years on, this project refuses to accept my excuses anymore. The resources and time I need to create will have to be the resources and time that I have.

Progress might be slow, but it will be progress none the less. If you would like to come along for the ride, you can sign up to the tribe below. Put on the kettle, make a quick trip to the toilet, and get settled - the second half is about to kick off!