6 places for football content online

6 places for football content online

Consuming football media while growing up in Australia used to be easy.

  • 1 hour Premiere league highlight package on monday nights.
  • The SBS World football extravaganza on Saturdays (thank you Les)
  • World Soccer, Shoot, Match, or some such Magazine from your friendly neighbourhood newsagency.

World Soccer intro from SBS - watch if you remember Les - if not, just watch for the vintage motion graphics - haven’t dated badly at all ;)

Well those days are gone. Now there is football content spewing out of every orifice of every platform across the milkyway galaxy (this website included). It can be a bit daunting, so here are 6 accounts on 6 platforms that stand out in a crowd.


@MundialMag  The football world is super active on twitter, but the quality and quantity of Mundial mags tweets are a real highlight. It is the twitter account of Mundial magazine - mundialmag.com . You can expect to receive a steady stream of entertaining football clips and culture, delivered with a generous dash of wry humour. The tone leans towards hipsterish - which is either a compliment or an insult depending on your sensibilities.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 6.23.19 pm.png


Football culture


Youtube is the 'go to' for football highlights, but it's also home to COPA 90's super features with a focus on fan culture. They look explore the richness of the game beyond the pitch with well researched and produced mini docs. Here is one that gives some context to Maradona's hand of god goal against England in 86'.


Instagram has made it's name on the back of fantastic photography and imagery, which is exactly what @whereisfootball is all about. It features images of the places we play football - from your corner park to mega stadiums. A pleasant reminder of a beautiful aspect of the beautiful game.  


Not a big consumer of Football content on facebook - except for what pops up in my feed, but that's not to say there is not a boatload of stuff on there if you want to seek it out. A selfish pick here, but for those of us who were football fans in the 90's, the 90's Football page is a great trip down memory lane.


The guardian. Not a platform, but wanted to include at least one more traditional news site on the list. An extensive football section features match reports, think pieces and live MBM updates. They also bravely choose a top 100 players every year which is obviously a conversation starter.


The guardian Top 100 for 2015


Plenty to listen to in podcasts, but always find myself returning to The Football Ramble. Running since 2007, it features four mates talking largely about English football. A funny show that gets funnier the more you become familiar with the recurring themes and personalities of the presenters. A monday review and a friday preview show every week like clockwork during the season - a great way to bridge that long wait from matchday to matchday!

These links are obviously the tip of the Iceberg. In the coming months, will feature links to more of the great mountains of content available. Leave a link to your favourite media in the comments below  - no such thing as too much football ;)

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